smiteCORE is an independent fan-run news site dedicated to the game SMITE® by Titan Forge Games. Going online in October 2020, it was created with the intention to be a go-to news and analysis site for all SMITE news, including: The Smite Pro League, , Upcoming Events, God/Item changes, Interviews with notable members of the community and much more!

Our Article Index page shows all our published content by the Contributors and Staff of smiteCORE. Content is ordered by the publish date and can be further filtered by tags of the topics you are interested in. Articles can be filtered also by the User that wrote the article.

smiteCORE also has a Gods page where all God's in the game can be looked up in a table, allowing for easy comparison of stats. This table can also be filtered by Class and Role of each God. Each God can also be looked up in detail including ability names and stats, and any alternate abilities certain gods may have. Information on their Lore and Achievements can also be viewed.

Our Items page consists of every item currently in the game. The filters can be used to sort out items according to variables such as Tier or whether it is a Physical or Magical item. Items can be looked into detail of their stats and their passive effects as well as what the item can be built from and built to.

We have a dedicated Guides page. Explore all guides that have been submitted by memebers of smiteCORE or write your own! Our sophisticated creation form allows you to add multiple builds, add descriptions for each and a section to add Partners and Counters! Guides can be filtered according to Role, Class, Game Mode or God.

Our SPL page shows you the sets of the highest level of SMITE in the community; the Smite Pro League! Check Fixtures, Match Details, Standings, Past Results and VOD's for each Set.

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Last Updated: 24 August 2020