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7.10 Bonus Update Notes

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The bonus updates have been released, with a plethora of nerfs and skins!

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The 7.10 Bonus Banner: Raxolotl Ratatoskr.

The Bonus Update has brought us some nerfs to God's that have dominated SPL Play, some small item changes and the continuation of the Odyssey.

For items, Heartseeker has its bonus damage decreased from 3-6% to 2-5%, allowing Tanks to survive longer. Serrated Edge has also had it's Movement Speed reduced to 7% from 10%, bringing it in line with Stone Cutting Sword and Hastened Katana in the same tree.

Cupid and Rama have dominated ADC Lane with both Gods either being picked or banned every SPL set. Cupid has his Heart Bomb scaling reduced from 90 to 80% on both the hit and explode while Rama has his Ultimate, Astral Barrage's base damaged reduced (180/270/360/450/540 to 180/265/350/435/520).

Just like ADC, Solo Lane has seen the emergence of Sun Wukong. His scaling on his Ultimate has been decreased from 120% to 100%. A favourite of Spacestation Gaming's Solo Nika, Amaterasu has been lethal in his hands, with him losing only one game this split when playing the Japanese Goddess. The cooldown of her Ultimate has been nerfed from 75s to 95/90/85/80/75s, reducing the early game spammability of it.

For the Supports, Kuzenbo and Hercules has seen lots of play as well as focused bans against certain players such as Aror. Kuzenbo's Sumo Slam has its damaged reduced in the early game from 80/110/140/170/200 to 60/95/130/165/200. Hercules has its passive Base Physical Power reduced from 5+1 per level to 2+1 per level; reducing his effectiveness at fighting with a full tank build and running at the enemy.

Finally, we come to the Mid Lane where Dardez has popularized Hera. Almost an instant ban against SSG and with the likes of Hurriwind and Venenu finding success with the pick for eUnited and Renegades, she is seeing a health reduction in the shield from 20*Her Level to 15*Her Level. Her self-peel and difficulty to kill has seen her become a popular pick. He Bo has seen major play in the Jungle but also as a Mid with it for the likes of Paul and CaptainTwig. He is seeing his base damage reduced by 10 at all levels on his Water Cannon to 60/110/160/210/260. The Atlas of the Yellow River is also having its Slow reduced by 5% at all levels to 20/25/30/35/40% and as well as the ally Movement Speed Buff to 20/25/30/35/40%.

Despite Loki's rework being a success, he has lacked damage on his two new abilities. Agonizing Visions receives a Power Scaling increase from 10% to 15%. Flurry Strike Scaling has also increased from 15 to 18% per hit. Each initial strike now applies a refreshing slow of 15%.

These changes are expected to go live on the 20th October.

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