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7.11 Update Notes

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The TMNT Battle Pass Details are here!

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The full TMNT Battle Pass has been revealed! Priced at 750 Gems (1350 for the Premium), it comes with a plethora of cosmetics, including 8 Skins, 11 Avatars, 4 Loading Screens, 4 Announcer Packs and much more!

A lot of Quality of Life changes are in this patch and the full details of those can be found in the link at the bottom. We have handpicked the standout ones here:

- Celestial Domination has returned as an Adventure with some changes, including reduced XP sources to prevent overlevelling, and the recharge time of a Djinn from 30 to 5 seconds.
- Games where Early Surrender is used (Surrendering at 5 minutes) will now penalize the leaver with a deserter penalty. This is to prevent people dodging on purpose.
- Healing increasing/decreasing affects all forms of healing; lifesteal, ability healing, item heals, relic heals, potions, HP5 and jungle buffs. Antihealing items are much more potent but also healing increasing items such as Rod of Asclepius and Caduceus Shield are also much stronger.

Upgraded Magic Shell will not stack block stacks anymore when used multiple times on the same target. Guardian's Blessing receives a +5 increase to both Protections to allow them to move through the early game. The last item to get a change is Staff of Myrddin, a 200 gold decrease in cost to 2800 will get more players buying it.

There are numerous God changes in this patch but we'll pick our favourites:

- Nox has received a massive change to her Shadow Lock; allowing her to damage minions now. Another tool to clear will most certainly convince more players to pick her up in Conquest.

- Athena and Terra gain cleave attacks now. Athena will cleave her auto attack on her third auto attack and Terra will cleave when her passive, Standing Stones is active.

- Bacchus will now receive an instant Magical Power buff when Chug is used of 0/7/14/21/28/35 while also having a reducing in Mana cost to a flat 40. This gives players another option to level it up early.

- Zhong Kui has fallen from grace since the end of Season 6 where he was played in Solo and even ADC at times. Book of Demons is receiving a base damage buff of 20 at all ranks and the scaling of his Ultimate, Recall Demons is getting a +5% increase per tick in Scaling.

A link to the full patch notes is below. What do you think was the best change this patch? Leave your comments down below!

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