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Necropolis Battle Pass has arrived!

by skathi 7 months ago | Comments

A new Battle Pass has been announced for the upcoming Patch!

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Left to Right: Odin, Athena, Tsukuyomi, Isis

Set to be released in the upcoming 7.9 Patch, it includes skins for Athena, Isis, Tsukuyomi and Odin.

In a new addition to the Battle Pass, you can now earn Odyssey Points along the way! This allows players to unlock Odyssey rewards as they do various stages of the new Battle Pass. As always, the Battle Pass consists of a Free and a Premium section.

The Free Pass Includes: Sinister Sentinel Athena Skin, Infernal Father Avatar, Razor’s Edge Avatar, Tsukuyomi Announcer Pack, The Scared Jump Stamp and a Necromancer Player Title.

The Premium Pass (600 Gems) includes all of the above plus: Razor’s Edge Isis Skin, Infernal Omen Tsukuyomi Skin, Infernal Father Odin Skin, Necropolis Loading Frame, Ghoulish Ward Skin, Razor’s Edge Loading Screen, Necropolis Music Theme, Boneyard Recall Skin, Spirit World Level Up Skin, Infernal Omen Loading Screen, Lunar Disguise Global Emote and a Pile of Bones Death Stamp.

Check out the Necropolis Battle Pass in the video below!

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