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Patch 7.10 is Live!

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Loki rework and the Odyssey continues!

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The Trickster God, Loki gets a rework and a new recolour!

The long awaited rework of Loki hits the live servers! After years of being tormented by the same one-trick split pushing Loki's over and over, we finally get a balanced and less one-shot'y character! With the addition of two new abilities, Agonizing Visions and Flurry Strike, he is much more attuned to Jungling. For the first time, after numerous requests, Loki is also the first reworked character to be banned from Ranked Gameplay for the whole month which is a welcome change.

There were some Quality of Life Adjustments for Anhur and Apollo. Both received a shorter pre-fire and dash time to Disperse and The Moves respectively, meaning both Gods abilities will activate quicker and their movement time is also quicker. Ares received a buff to his Bolster Defenses, now providing passive increasing HP5 to allies. Artio gains increased base healing on Energy Surge and Baron gets increased scaling on his Vivid Gaze.

Fenrir, Osiris and Serqet got some nice touchups. Increased base damage on Unchained and the Movement Speed Buff during the Ultimate cast from 50 to 75% should help Fenrir's damage and chase. Osiris has increased scaling on his Sickle Strike allowing for greater boxing potential and an increased range of his Ultimate from 55 to 65 units. Decreased Cooldown on Cobra's Kiss by 2 seconds and Increased Scaling on her Ambush is welcome for the Goddess of Venom to complement her aggressive style.

Hachiman's Eagle Eye now does consistent damage at all ranges and Vamana gets a slight buff with a reduction in Movement Penalty while in his Ultimate.

There are minor nerfs to the core Hunter items Silverbranch Bow and Atalantas Bow, each losing 5% Attack Speed with the latter additionally losing 10% increased Movement Speed on the Strafing passive. Gladiator's Shield gets an overhaul which scales based off the God's total Protections while Emperor's Armor gets a small +10 increase in Physical Protection. Finally, Hide of the Nemean Lion is toned down to make it harder to gain block stacks; it now requires 120 protections per stack.

A summary of all the new Odyssey and Halloween Skins can be seen in the video above!

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