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TMNT Battle Pass Announced!

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A new collaboration has been announced!

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TMNT x Smite

Titanforge have announced a collaboration with Nickelodeon for an upcoming Battle Pass! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hit the Battleground with four skins each representing a Turtle! It includes four base skins and four special skins for the Premium Battle Pass.

It is the second collaboration between Smite and Nickelodeon with the first being the Avatar Battlepass previously, which proved to be hugely popular.

The Battle Pass includes Leonardo as Osiris, Donatello as Sun Wukong, Raphael as Loki and finally Michelangelo as Mercury. Titanforge have also announced Master Splinter and Shredder will be in an exclusive chest. More details on that will be announced in the upcoming Patch Notes on Wednesday this week at 3PM EST!

Here is the promotional video to the Battle Pass!

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