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WATCH: Smite's Greatest Ever Set - Cloud9 vs Epsilon

by skathi 5 months, 2 weeks ago | Comments

Betty - Smite Esports releases a highlight reel of the Classic Season 2 Smite Set.

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Team Captains iRaffer (left) and JeffHindla (right) shake hands

We are currently in Season 7 of SMITE and during that time, we've had some legendary Smite World Championship matchups. Betty takes us back to the highlights of arguably the Greatest Smite Set of all time; reigning Season 1 Champions at the time Cloud9 against a newly formed team at the time called Epsilon Esports.

For new fans of SMITE, this is a must watch video of the birth of one of the most legendary team's in SMITE and the only players to have won the Smite World Championship twice; iRaffer, emilitoo, Adapting, Yammyn and Dimi.

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