Frequently Asked Questions

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Last Updated: 24 August 2020


You can't. :)

At most, we will take 48 hours to respond to a legitimate enquiry. Ensure your query was regarding smiteCORE and not an issue with SMITE® itself, it will be ignored otherwise. Quicker answers can be obtained from our Discord.

Use the Contact Us form or drop into our Discord in the #suggestions channel to tell us all about it!

Use the Contact Us form to tell us. Username changes will be done on a case by case basis. This means some requests will be rejected and some will be accepted. This is to discourage users from repeatedly changing names for no reason.

Regarding changing e-mail, it is the only way we can contact you regarding a password reset. Email changes will only be made if the email provided from the Contact Us form matches with that of the account. You must also state your Username associated with the account in the Contact Us Form.

Please ensure your email is correct and secure once you register your account. It will never be shared or disclosed to anyone.


Once you submit a guide, it is in a draft mode. This means that only you and the site staff view it. This allows users to take their time on a guide and can continue to edit it until they are done.

By hitting the Publish button, your article can be viewed by everyone . Be aware that you cannot edit the Guide once it is published so be sure to check for all spelling, punctuation and grammar!

You have triggered the profanity filter of the site. This censors words and phrases that the system deems to be containing expletives. By simply toning your language down, the asterisk will no longer be visible. If you believe you are incorrectly being censored, please use the Contact Us form or the Discord to tell us what text is causing it and a link to the guide.

Grabbing the attention of the Staff and Contributors with an outstanding, well-written guide will receive a Featured tag.

It is due to the fact a user can have a maximum of three undrafted guides. Either publish a guide or deleting a draft will allow you to create a new draft guide. Alternatively, individuals may be locked out of creating guides due to infractions against their account.

Drafts that have not been edited in two weeks will be subject to deletion. This allows more space for users to create guides. To prevent deletion, editing a draft will reset the two-week timer.

On the rare occasion, published guides will be deleted. This could be either due to the author being infracted, the quality of the guide was poor/spammy or inappropriate language was used that our profanity filter flagged.

This section of the site is the only section that allows self publishing by normal Members, it is important for us to prevent individuals from submitting content that breaks our Rules. Because of this, smiteCORE uses a package that uses Machine Learning to identify and censor certain words in the Guides section, trained by a dataset consisting of hundreds of thousands of scenarios.

Unfortunately, the package has dealt with enough scenarios where God has been used in insults or derogatory content intended to cause offence. As silly as it sounds censoring a word that the game itself is revolved around, we ask creators of guides to substitute this word for the class of the Gods or referring to pronouns. This will only be exclusive to the Guides section.

While other packages do exist that may allow us to unblacklist the word, the current one is fast (0.2ms per word), accurate (95%) and sophisticated enough to protect smiteCORE, it's members and other individuals viewing the site. To reiterate, this is only in the Guides section of the website.


All comments undergo moderation to ensure no links, advertising or anything inappropriate is submitted. They are approved multiple times a day so if it has not appeared, it will eventually be published.

Head to our Discord and the staff can assess you. Writers are required to have an excellent grasp of English and know what they’re talking about! A good way to help your case would be to write a God Guide as an example of your writing ability.

Use our Contact Us form or drop into our Discord and we can deal with it swiftly. Our Contributors are responsible for their own content and we do not condone plagiarising or theft.


Use our Contact Us form or drop into our Discord and we will fix it.

God/Item updates will happen on the day a new patch is scheduled to be released. This is because in the time between the Patch Notes Show and the release of the Patch, Gods/Items can be buffed/nerfed during the PTS time. To prevent confusion, we wait for the official patch to hit the game.


smiteCORE uses VOD's from the YouTube channel SmiteVOD. Because of this, they take a few days to upload the VOD of each Set that has taken place. Once a VOD has been uploaded, the Set on smiteCORE will be updated with the link accordingly.

Sets that have taken place before Phase 2 of Season 7 (July 24th 2020) will not have any details but the score line. We have made the decision to not update these Sets with specific details due to the time and effort it would take to compile this information.

Sets that have taken place after July 24th 2020 are slowly being updated. There is no automated process to update these and between 500-750 pieces of data are required as inputs for each Set. Over time, this will be updated to include the detailed statistics. If you would like to help us fill these entries, please use the Contact Us form or join our Discord!


We would need substantial proof that you are known as that specific username. For individuals who are prominent in the community, we understand that people are likely to troll register accounts in your name and we ask that you get in touch via the Contact Us form or drop into our Discord. Verification through Twitter or Twitch will be needed to confirm your identity (such as a Direct Message from a verified account). Even if you do not intend to use the site, we would still recommend you register an account to prevent others from taking it.

Prominent individuals will be given a verification check that will be present on their profile once they have proved themselves.

There is a good reason for bans to protect our users and content meaning it is unlikely to be unturned.

We have in place various countermeasures to prevent users from intentionally breaking the rules on the smiteCORE website meaning if a ban is given, it is almost certainly justified.

If you believe we have made a mistake or you would like to appeal, use our Contact Us form.


Use our Contact Us form and we will assess the situation. There is usually a good reason for a ban so it is unlikely to be turned.