Erlang Shen

The Illustrious Sage

Class / Pantheon: Warrior / Chinese

Gem Cost: 200

Difficulty: Average

Pros: High Single Target Damage, High Attack Speed

Favor Cost: 5500

Release: June 7, 2016

Erlang Shen Card Art
Stats [Per Level]

Health: 485 + [85]

Mana: 220 + [35]

HP5: 8 + [0.60]

MP5: 4.70 + [0.30]

Physical Protection: 17 + [3.0]

Magical Protection: 30 + [0.9]

Auto Damage: 39 + [2.00]

Movement Speed: 375

Attack Speed: 1.00 + [1.00%]

"Pin down enemies and charge forth with your trusty celestial hound."

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Passive: Howling Celestial Dog

Each time Erlang Shen hits an enemy with a Basic Attack, his dog hits as well for 15% of his Basic Attack power and 1% of the target's max. health. The percentage damage only works against gods and minions.

Damage: (+15% of your Basic Attack power)

Ability Type: Buff

Ability 1: Spot Weakness

Erlang Shen opens his third eye and analyzes the enemy's strengths and weaknesses. When activated, Erlang Shen gains additional Physical Damage on each strike. If the buff effect has ended and the ability is on Cooldown, successful Basic Attacks reduce the Cooldown of this ability by 1s.

Physical Damage: 15/30/45/60/75 (+10% of your physical power)

Ability Type: Buff

Cooldown: 14 seconds

Duration: 5s

Cost: 60 mana

Ability 2: Pin

Erlang Shen launches a spear that damages enemies on impact. Enemies in the dead center of the effect when it lands are Rooted in place.

Damage: 85/130/175/220/265 (+55% of your physical power)

Ability Type: Ground Target

Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 mana

Duration: 1.3s

Radius: 20

Cooldown: 16 seconds

Ability 3: 72 Transformations

Erlang Shen transforms into an Mink or Turtle and charges forward.Mink: Damages all enemies, stopping on first god hit, increasing Attack Speed for 4s.Turtle: Knocks up all enemies in path and gains a health shield for 12s.

Turtle Damage: 65/115/155/195/235 (+40% of your physical power)

Mink Damage: 70/130/190/250/310 (+85% of your Physical Power)

Ability Type: Dash

Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14 seconds

Shield Health: 70/110/150/190/230

Mink Attack Speed: 15/20/25/30/35%

Cost: 65/70/75/80/85 mana

ULTIMATE: 9 Turns Blessing

Erlang Shen Taunts nearby Enemy gods, gaining Damage Mitigation for the next 4s. Afterwards, if Erlang Shen is still alive he is Healed for a flat amount plus 15% of his Maximum Health.

Heal: 150/225/300/375/450 (+15% of your maximum health)

Taunt Duration: 1.2s

Cost: 80/85/90/95/100 mana

Damage Mitigation: 10/11.25/12.5/13.75/15%

Ability Type: Cone

Cooldown: 85 seconds


Many are the legendary tales of Erlang Shen.

Hearing the riverlands surrounding his home were consumed by floods, he went to engineer new dams and canals. Yet the true source of the disaster proved to be an evil dragon. With seven companions, Erlang Shen ambushed the beast. Cowardly and quick the dragon slithered into the rapid river waters, but Erlang Shen captured it with a great chain and bound it beneath a shrine. Thus the floods subsided.

When Sun Wukong's troublesome antics drew the ire of the Jade Emperor, Erlang Shen faced the Monkey King on the battlefield. For every form Sun Wukong took, Erlang Shen transformed as well. Across sea and sky and land they battled. Thus was Sun Wukong sent fleeing for his life.

When the people were plagued by demons and monsters, Erlang Shen slaughtered them to keep his countrymen safe. Three-bladed spear in hand and hunting dog at his side, no evil could threaten the innocent of the Empire. Thus, Erlang came to be loved and worshipped.

A Goddess mother and a mere mortal father, he is of two worlds. He is both sage and soldier, humble yet regal, his veins filled with the blood of men and the divine blood of his uncle, the Jade Emperor. Having risen above his forbidden origins, Erlang Shen has proven himself among the greatest of heroes in the Jade Empire. Perhaps that is why he now takes the field. No demon, nor dragon, nor even the Monkey King himself has stood against him and won. To save the people, to save the world, Erlang Shen will fight, and another legend will be born!


Tortoise Power!

As Erlang Shen knock up 3 or more enemies using the turtle form of 72 Transformations.


As Erlang Shen use 9 Turns Blessing to heal yourself while below 10% health.