Damage Calculator

Before using the Calculator, have a read of the Damage and Protections mechanics page. It details of all of the formulas used and all the variables used, their definitions and examples of each.
Attacking God
Base Damage + Scaling.
Eg. Titan's Bane, Obsidian Shard, Heartseeker.
Eg. Spear of the Magus, The Crusher.
Eg. Aphrodite's Jealousy.
Eg. Horrific Emblem Upgrade.
Eg. Artemis Passive, Runeforged Hammer.
Defending God
Your Protections for either Mag or Phys.
Eg. Void Shield, Void Stone.
Eg. Cerberus's Ghastly Breath.
Eg. Spirit Robe, Oni Hunter's Garb.
Eg. Cursed Ankh Upgraded, Sundering Spear Upgraded.